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Nail Specialist | Level 1

The reason I became a nail specialist is because of my mom. She is also a nail specialist, and when I would visit her at work as a kid I was always so inspired by what she did. The connections she makes with her clients made me want to be able to connect with people in the same way, and give them the pleasure of getting a fresh manicure or pedicure! Being able to make relationships with my guests is so special to me. I love the stories they have and that they are willing to tell me some personal stories. It shows me that they know I care about each and every one of them!

The number one thing that gets me up in the morning are my animals, the friendship we have is irreplaceable! I also like to paint, swim, go on boat rides, hang out with my friends and listen to music. One of my favorite services to provide is pedicures. Working with the feet gives me more room to work with, and it's just fun! I also like to do shellac manicures because they are simple and enjoyable to do!