Massage Therapist

I have a professional background in helping and serving others others in various capacities... and the common theme is: helping. When I decided to re-enter the workforce, I put a former idea into action, and here I am. The "draw" for me is to help others that may be in pain, or suffering from a reduced range in motion in their body. I also like to help those who are stressed and need to find a way to relax and improve their sleep. Massage therapy can do that and more. I am passionate to help, and amazed at what the different massage modalities can do!

My favorite massage technique would have to be Integrated Neuromuscular Ischemic Technique (INIT). The therapeutic results are amazing! Outside of that "therapeutic" modality, another favorite is a relaxing Swedish massage with aroma therapy. This type of massage fits in to the additional training I've received to work with Hospice patients. It is really satisfying to provide relaxation and pain relief to someone in need.

My favorite things to do outside of work are hang out with my husband, children, grandchildren, and friends. I love to walk, hike, ride my ElliptiGO bike, kayak, boat, cross-country ski, snowshoe, and shoot in my archery league. Have yet to play pickle-ball, but its on my list! I am also a Health Coach, and I love helping people attain their health goals. Life is busy, and I like it that way!