Exfoliation 101

Winter is finally over, and we are so happy it's Spring here in Clarkston. At Avanti, Springtime means manicures and pedicures, lots of highlights, and facials to brighten up that Winter skin. We have an array of facials for you to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with any of them! Today we want to highlight the importance of exfoliation, especially this time of year.

In the colder months, many people experience dry or flaky skin. This can dull down your complexion, making your skin feel flat. As the weather warms up, your skin may feel more hydrated now, but there is still a layer of dead skin cells that need tending to. There are many forms of exfoliation that you can use. Depending on your skin type, certain forms of exfoliation would work better than others. One of the most common forms of at home exfoliation is facial scrubs. Scrubs contain large particles that rub against your skin and remove dirt, dead skin cells, and other unwanted debris. This kind of exfoliation would work well for people who have skin that is not sensitive. If you do have sensitive skin, a liquid exfoliant may be a better choice. Liquid exfoliants work by breaking down the bonds on the surface of our skin to release the dead skin cells. Our estheticians recommend exfoliating your skin two to three times per week, depending on how your skin tolerates the treatments.

We have three different exfoliation products in our Glo Skincare lineup here at Avanti. The Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub will resurface and smooth your skin using environmentally friendly jojoba beads that combine with enzymes to remove debris from the skin and slough off dead skin cells. Massage into your skin for two to three minutes, then rinse off and enjoy your soft and gentle skin. Glo Skin Beauty also has two liquid exfoliants for those who prefer them. The Hydra-Bright Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant is clinically proven to brighten, smooth, and impart radiance with a blend of 5 alpha and poly hydroxy acids at a 10% concentration. The Beta-Clarity Pro 5 Liquid Exfoliant is a gentle pro-strength exfoliating treatment that smooths, clears, and brightens skin with a powerhouse mix of five acids at a 10% concentration. Liquid exfoliants boost the efficacy of masks, serums, and professional treatments.

In addition to at home treatment, our estheticians recommend for clients to receive Chemical Peels or Dermaplaning at our spa. Both have the benefits of exfoliation, as well as their own unique benefits.

Chemical Peels can be used to improve the texture of your skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, combat acne, and improve appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation. Your esthetician will analyze your skin and choose a peel that is best for your needs. Next, she will cleanse and use an enzyme exfoliant or mask to prep your skin. She will apply the peel and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. The peel is removed with a neutralizer, and a soothing gel mask is applied. Last but not least, your esthetician will apply serums, moisturizer, and SPF.

Dermaplaning also has many benefits for your skin. Your esthetician will begin by consulting with you and cleansing your skin to prep the surface for the treatment. Next, she will analyze your skin and form a treatment plan. Using a medical grade blade, she will gently glide the blade against your skin in methodical motions, removing the dead skin and small vellus hairs. Your esthetician will apply masks and perform arm, hand, and scalp massages. This form of manual exfoliation sloughs off dead skin to help promote even skin tone, resurfaces appearance of texture and large pores and reduces vellus hair. It is also highly effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, while leaving skin smooth, supple, and vibrant. By removing dead skin, home skincare works more efficiently as it is able to penetrate, resulting in more hydrated, luminous, and smooth skin. With the vellus hair removed, makeup appears smoother and more flawless.

Exfoliation is a great way to renew your skin after the cold and dry winter months. There are many forms of exfoliation and many products to pair with your service to help your results last. If you are unsure of which product or service best suits your skin’s needs, one of our estheticians would be happy to assist you with choosing the proper treatment.