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LLBA Coating Sealant for Lash Extensions

Permanent eyelash extensions provide a beautiful natural look of flawless, thick and long lashes, without the need for mascara. They can last up to two to three weeks after application or a fill. As always, the key to lasting results is proper home care. To get the most of each eyelash extension fill, we recommend using the LLBA Coating Sealant.

The LLBA Coating Sealant is specifically formulated to improve the longevity of lash extensions. It does this by protecting your lashes from dust, oils, and products that may break down the lash adhesive. The sealant locks the extension in place, keeping your lashes looking great for weeks.

Heather, one of our lash technicians, recommends applying this product daily after you shower or clean your lashes. This product can be used year round, but especially when you are in humid climates, or if you are sweating, swimming, or have oily skin. Heather suggests pairing this product with the LLBA Lash Bath Cleanser to ensure that lashes are clean and ready for application of the sealant. Come stop in today and pick up some LLBA Lash Products!