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Loreal Vitamino Color 10-in-1 Spray

If there’s one hair product that you need in your lineup, it’s the Loreal Vitamino Color 10-in1 spray. This product does it all. From detangling wet hair to maintaining color, this product is great for everyone.

The Loreal Vitamino Color 10-in-1 spray has ten benefits, each of them great in their own way.

1 - Protection against heat up to 230°C/450°F degrees

2 - Shine

3 - Softness

4 - Smoothness of hair fiber

5 - Detangling

6 - Facilitates blow-dry

7 - Hydration

8 - Anti-breakage

9 - Anti-split ends

10 - Anti-frizz

Autumn, one of our stylists, uses this product on all of her clients. After washing and conditioning, she sprays four to eight times throughout the hair. This helps her brush out the hair, as well as style it. Autumn recommends using a mousse with the 10-in-1 spray if you are looking to add volume. This product can also be used by itself if you’re looking for a minimal hair care routine. Stop in today to grab some 10-in-1 for yourself!