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What is an Eyelash Lift and Tint?

Have you ever heard of an eyelash lift and tint? Sometimes referred to as an eyelash “perm”, an eyelash lift and tint accentuates your natural beauty by darkening and lifting your eyelashes. The results from an eyelash lift and tint are immediate and dramatic, and last anywhere between two to three months.

During this service, your lashes are adhered to a silicone rod and solution is applied to permanently curl them upwards. Next, your esthetician will apply the lash tint and let it sit until the color has absorbed into your lashes. This service is perfect for anyone who is looking to emphasize their eyes and make their morning routine a little bit easier. It is also ideal for someone who spends lots of time swimming in the summer. No more worrying about mascara running!

Our estheticians recommend pairing this service with an eyebrow tint to help frame your face and give a more dramatic look. They also recommend using a lash growth serum to help your lashes grow longer, which accentuates the eyes even more! Call today to book your lash lift and tint!